Types of Insulation, La Grange, IL

Our team can make recommendations for the types of insulation that will provide lasting protection for your property in the La Grange area.

At ARC Insulation, we talk with customers every day who want to make sure they choose the right type of insulation for their home. Fortunately, our team has the expertise to make recommendations for the types of insulation that will provide lasting protection and meet a homeowner’s ongoing energy efficiency needs. We work with two primary types of insulation:

  • Spray Foam Insulation- With unmatched sealing capabilities and increased thermal performance, spray foam insulation has quickly become the leading alternative to more traditional forms of insulation. Spray foam insulation expands upon use, allowing it to conform to every void in even the tightest spaces, minimizing hot and cold spots and allowing for an energy-efficient, comfortable home. Spray foam insulation also adds to the structural integrity of your property, provides excellent sound control, and can serve as a moisture vapor barrier.
  • Cellulose Insulation- Cellulose insulation conforms to your building, creating a tightly-fit barrier that ensures outside air is not able to penetrate. Cellulose insulation is durable and treated to be fire retardant, insect resistant, and protected against mold and mildew. It is also renowned for its sound deadening qualities. Cellulose is also one of the greenest products available, made almost exclusively from recycled newspaper. Because of its composition and its many inherent benefits, cellulose insulation is the environmentally conscious and energy-efficient choice for insulation.

At ARC Insulation, our certified staff is rigorously trained to ensure these types of insulation are applied properly and effectively at your property. We work with you every step of the way, so your home or building in the La Grange, Illinois area can be as comfortable and energy-efficient as it should be.



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