Posted by Naperville Insulation Company May 26th, 2023

Robert Moore was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what we needed during our attic assessment. He has a ton of experience in insulating attics. It was a no brainer to hire ARC Insulation after speaking with Robert. The crew that did the job was fantastic as well. They cleaned up after themselves and were very neat and organized while performing the job. The crew made sure everything was good with me before leaving the house.

- Mark

ARC Insulation provided the best price and an excellent quality job for my basement insulation project. The time from quoting to install was also quick. The estimator, Chris, was helpful and provided some good advice as well before and after the install. Thank you!

- Zach Y.

This was a fairly large job of adding significant insulation in my attic. They also added ventilation chutes and weather stripping in several areas. From start to finish, these guys were extremely professional. They came on time, reviewed the specifics of the job, and answered all of my questions. They were neat and courteous. Upon completion, they showed me before-and-after pics of the work. For the work they did, they were high-quality yet cost-competitive. I would highly recommend them!

- Chip A.

GREAT team! ARC Insulation covered everything. Extremely courteous and professional. I would tell everyone that you will be very happy that you chose ARC. Hoping to do a couple of before and after infrared scans this coming January, just before the Oakbrook home show.

- Robin B.

This is, in my opinion and experience, one of the few companies in the industry that really does a fantastic job. They delivered exactly what was quoted/scoped with a fantastic customer response and service from the beginning of scheduling for an estimate to the very end. The estimator came on-time and well equipped, answered all my questions/concerns with pictures of areas of my attic needing attention and how to go about addressing those problem areas, and scheduled the delivery team to start the project. The delivery team cleaned up after themselves, and the crew packed up quietly and even left my driveway cleared of any insulation. I am so proud, satisfied and honored to give ARC Insulation and their teamwork & workmanship a well-deserved 5 stars.

- Rick T.

ARC Insulation should be your one-stop shop for all your insulating and home improvement needs. My attic was a mess with inadequate insulation, poor air sealing, and much-needed improvement in attic air circulation. I had mildew damage on my roof joist and underside of the plywood. I did not know where to turn to for help. With one phone call to ARC Insulation, within 24 hours, they sent out their project manager, Jay, to evaluate the work needed to correct my issues. Jay was professional, knowledgeable, and explained every step of the way that was needed to correct my problem. The crew that came to my home was efficient and confident in the work that needed to be done. It was obvious from start to finish that ARC Insulation takes a lot of pride and ownership in the work that they do. They removed all the old insulation, air sealed all needed areas, remediated the mold, and conditioned the roof joist and underside of the plywood with a fungicide-resistant paint. After they corrected my attic ventilation needs and insulated the attic, I was thrilled with their attention to detail and their commitment to correct all the issues of my attic to the highest standard. The open communication with Jay and ARC Insulation during and after the job about all my concerns was excellent. The attention to detail and their obvious pride in their work was impressive. ARC Insulation should be a showcase example for all companies to follow of the way to work and respect the homeowner. I would highly recommend them for all your insulation and home improvement projects.

- Chris W.

Very professional and reasonably priced company. I had an insulation project done at my house, and ARC Insulation did a great job. Matt was easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Couldn’t be happier with their work!

- Karina M.

Gave a very honest opinion on inspection. Not just some salesman trying to make more commission.

- OMW Noobs

I finally found someone who I could trust to fix my frozen pipe issue in an honest, caring, reliable, and affordable manner. I had ARC Insulation insulate my garage and kitchen, after the builder sold me a home with shoddy insulation. Jay arrived on time for an estimate. He is honest and professional. HIs team kept me informed, and during his work, my frozen pipe thawed. When I asked his team for the bill, they said not to worry– just call the office. No hassles. Well done! I highly recommend ARC.

- Mark R.

This review is for the responsiveness of ARC Insulation. I reached out with questions and asked for a quotation for work, and Tom was quick to reply (within hours) and check in with me over the course of a few days to ensure he had answered all of my questions. He was thorough in his explanation to me on what could have caused the issues that I was experiencing and helpful in his explanations on how to fix it. For future needs, I would definitely reach back out to ARC Insulation.

- Kathleen C.

Robert came out to evaluate our insulation needs and was very honest and straightforward. They were very responsive with a quote and service appointment. The work was done efficiently, professionally, and they cleaned up the entire work area until it was spotless. Thank you, Robert!

- William S.

Jay helped me navigate my insulation needs every step of the way! He showed me on the handheld device where the cold spots were, and he told me exactly how his team would remedy the issue. The team came out and covered everything with plastic so as not to damage with any dust from drywall repair and removing the old insulation before the foam was sprayed. They ensured I was pleased with the work performed and how satisfied I was with their attention to detail. Much thanks to Jay and team!

- Jim K.

They did a great job. I’m very happy with the work that was done, and the results have blown me away. The changes in the temperature inside my house were immediate. The added bonus was with the power company rebates, the price was way under other quotes I got for far more work.

- Matt B.

I asked these guys for a commercial proposal for improving the thermal insulation characteristics. These were not just recommendations from the air. The expert came. He inspected the whole house in addition using a thermal imager. Then he said that he had received all the required information. After a while, I received full information on the required work and its cost. It was absolutely clear to me what should be done first, what was the most effective use of my money, and what should I postpone for later. Professionals in their field. Soon there will be a review of the work done directly on the insulation. But judging by the approach, the company will not disappoint me.

- Linda G.

Great company to work with! 5 stars all the way. They were easy to work with, and the professional team they sent was outstanding. I wish we would have done this years ago. I can feel the difference in my home already!

- Joann J.

Very friendly and thorough. They did a blower door and thermal imaging test with the free assessment. They were the third company that came out and found the problem right away. Highly recommended.

- Jim F.

Tom went above and beyond to help me with a problem ARC Insulation found after completing my insulation job. He was very concerned about a high carbon monoxide reading from my water heater. My home warranty company gave me the run around, and he kept following up with me and made sure the problem was fixed!

- Carolynn P.

If you need any insulation done, do yourself a favor and call ARC Insulation. They are an honest company. Every other company tried to sell me spray foam. ARC Insulation told me that it was not ideal for me to do that. So they saved me tons of money. All the workers are awesome. They are on time and clean up after themselves. Highly recommend them!

- Christina A.

It went great! I had 3 companies quote, & his quote was right in line with others. Jay came out to give me an estimate. He was very knowledgeable, answered all my questions, and wasn’t in a hurry to get in and get out. I learned several things that day. Building science is super interesting. Quote was emailed back to me very quickly, and it detailed exactly everything to be done. Both crews were quick, courteous, efficient, cleaned up, again answered all the questions I asked (as I stood on the ladder looking at completed insulation), showed me pictures, and helped me fill in a cold glass block window with thick insulation board. One thing wasn’t completed, and Jay followed up twice to make sure it was scheduled and completed. It was really nice not to have to chase someone down to do what that said they would do. Very pleased with everything involved. I could tell the difference that night. Nice & snug. Looking forward to smaller bills and especially a warmer house. Bring on the winter! I would definitely highly recommend and use again in another house. Thank you, Jay, Louis, and Enrique. Great work!

- Anonymous

What a great team. When quoting the job, they went above and beyond and identified what could have been another issue with the B Vent. They air sealed, installed baffles and blew in insulation to the standards they said they would. Price was very competitive as well. If you are looking to have this work done, you need to have them quote.

- Jenny M.

Short version: ARC Insulation insulated the crawlspace of our small c1890 apartment building with a thick plastic vapor barrier and closed cell foam around all the foundation walls. Price was very reasonable for the scale and difficulty of the job. Tenants report it feels much warmer than before. We’re very happy with the work. Long version: We learned from ground floor tenants of the small apartment building we’d bought that in the winter their floors were very cold–to the point that they wanted to move when their lease was up. Also we learned there had been a problem in the past with water pipes freezing. Yikes. This sounded like a problem that maybe couldn’t be solved. Research revealed that proper foam insulation and a vapor barrier in the crawlspace could work, but we worried that the crawlspace was too small to work in. Fortunately, ARC Insulation was one of the companies that I called to get an estimate from, and they really solved the problem for us. Kevin was the estimator. He made thorough notes and cautioned me about the limitations of the job: might need to cut holes in floors to get access, might not be able to get to all of the space, and so on. I appreciated his frankness. His estimate was very reasonable, we thought, especially as it was actually lower than another company that proposed only foaming the underside of the floor (which would have left the water pipes exposed to cold). We asked Kevin for extra-heavy plastic vapor barrier, which was a slight upcharge, but the job was done exactly to the estimate despite some headaches the guys ran into when doing it. This was a VERY tough job, as much of the crawlspace is ‘crawl on your belly’ rather than ‘hands and knees’ and access was only through two small panels in closets. It was uneven dirt surface down there, strewn with old construction debris and 120 years of spiderwebs. I would not want to get down there! But Jesus from ARC and his co-worker (both small guys) managed it. They showed up right on time, laid down plastic, and got to work, first pulling up the worst of the debris, then laying down the plastic, then foaming. Considering what they had to do and how awkward the space was, they were amazingly fast and thorough. Jesus was great about letting us know what was going on, especially as they did run into some issues as we expected. The guys were able to get to about 90% of the crawlspace, only missing an area where the dirt is almost up to the joists. (Jesus showed me pics.) That part they walled off and foamed as if it were an exterior wall. Tenants report the room above that is colder but they use it as a closet. (The solution there would have been removing dirt bucket by bucket prison-break style and would have taken days!) Jesus did have to cut two holes about 18″ sq. to get access due to internal walls in the crawlspace. Both holes were done so neatly we were able to put the cut flooring right back down—the square in the hardwood floor living area will need re-doing some day, but it’s under a rug now. I have looked into the crawlspace a couple of times since this work was done, and it is now clean and dry and much warmer than the exterior. We no longer have to worry about the water pipes down there freezing. It even smells okay! It’s a night-and-day difference, and as it makes the apartments above more comfortable and our tenants happy, it was well worth the expense. We are happy to recommend ARC Insulation and would certainly use them again. In fact we plan to have them come do a small crawlspace under an enclosed porch on our house. That area has pink fiberglass insulation already but as we know now, that does nothing compared to foam. One note I’ll add for people in the city in particular: the compressor and barrel of foam stay on the ARC truck, and the guys run a long hose in. You may need to secure parking for the truck in front of or beside your house for the hose run to work.

- Anonymous

It went great. Wish we would have done this years ago. Good estimate. Great team of professionals showed up to do A LOT of work. Left my home clean. Definitely recommend.

- Anonymous

ARC Insulation added spray foam insulation to the attic ceiling and knee walls to finish as a third floor suite. It went great. They were able to answer all my questions in a timely/honest manner. We did not want to add insulation to one wall since we will be replacing the window on that wall and reconfiguring the window size. They worked out a solution that minimized the double expense but used air sealing to maximize comfort.

- Anonymous

They were prompt and flexible and asked me to be sure I was satisfied with work and clean up.

- Anonymous

The team was able to schedule on short notice due to another customer cancelling. They arrived on time and went over the work previously described in their proposal. The team was professional and clean. The work looks great. They answered any and all questions. They also expanded their scope of work slightly to insulate an additional section of the house. Overall very pleased and would recommend. They are not the cheapest, but I believe the quality more than makes up for it, and I would recommend them to a friend. I worked with Graham and appreciate his thoroughness and advice.

- Anonymous

I live on the second floor of a two flat, while my older parents live on the first floor. They normally had their heat turned very high and mine was lower, and yet they paid less for heating bills than I did. I was also very, very warm in the summer. I called several insulation outfits, and three came to provide estimates. We chose ARC Insulation and are glad we did. They came when promised, did the job, cleaned up the apartment afterwards and the price was good. Sure enough, after ARC installed insulation, I was cooler during summer and warmer in winter with lower bills!

- Anonymous

Knowledgeable, prompt, and went the extra mile to fix my issue. Cleaned up great, good price, very good to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Tom A.

Jay and his team were very thorough and professional from start to finish. They air sealed and reinsulated our attic, which made a huge improvement on the comfort of our upstairs. They were a pleasure to do business with, and I look forward to having them back out in the future to insulate our crawlspace. Highly recommended.

- Tim I.

I was very happy with our attic insulation project. I felt that they were professional and thorough. They qualify for rebates from the utility companies, which as I understand it, requires certain minimum standards. This included tests of CO emissions from our appliances. They also installed insulated ducting and a proper roof vent for a half bath that was venting into the attic. The other contractors I contacted did not propose to do this portion of the job according to what I understand are the local code requirements. Their price was not the lowest, but it was comparable to other contractors.

- Dale F.

I highly recommend this company. They did a very beautiful job in my attic insulation and also installed two roof vents. The stuff is very professional. Everything was on time. All work was done cleanly. Special thanks to Michael.

- Atif P.

If you’re looking for high-quality service and a thorough, professional team, ARC Insulation is the way to go! Chris took the time to talk through the details of our project; he explained options and alternatives, and he thoroughly answered all questions via phone or email. When other parts of our project got delayed, ARC Insulation was able to accommodate our new timeline and reschedule the insulation. The team worked efficiently and effectively (in spite of our super-hot July attic conditions)! The installers were polite and helpful. I can’t speak to the comfort of our new home because we haven’t yet moved in, but I am confident in the work that was completed and would recommend ARC Insulation to friends and family without hesitation.

- Cortney A.

Chris, the field technician/sales manager who handled our account, was very pleasant and professional. He wasn’t just looking to just make a quick buck — he consulted, offered advice, and a couple times said he didn’t think what we asked was necessary. He answered all our questions (multiple times) and spent three times as long with us as the other companies we got estimates from. The work the team competed for us was done on time, to our high standards, and they cleaned everything up! Excellent service. Highly recommended.

- Tom E.

These guys were great! The workers were professional when they came and filled our crawlspace. Didn’t make a mess and finished the job super quick. Would definitely recommend!

- Katie N.

Amazing experience front to finish. I got my attic completely insulated. When I was quoted, I was walked through the process and felt completely understanding of what I was getting. Up until the project started, I was kept in the loop, and that carried through the project. We did shop around when we were looking, and we had by far the best experience with ARC Insulation.

- Luke S.

Had the guys from ARC Insulation come out and do some warranty work in our attic for our builder, and they did fantastic work insulating our attic space above the ceiling in our family room and garage. They were prompt, courteous, and super-efficient. They insulated a large area (45+ bags of blown cellulose insulation) in about 2 hours. No damage was done to the ceiling– no nail pops or anything. They even took lots of pictures so I could see the great work they did when it was complete. These guys do great work!

- Michael G.

The presentation by Matt Ward was very informative, thorough, and well presented. He spent a considerable amount of time in the attic to determine what was needed. ARC Insulation does extensive before-and-after air infiltration reduction tests and performed every service on the estimate.
The work by all employees was courteous, professional, and fast, and cleanup was exceptional with a very competitive price. I would highly recommend them for any services they perform

- Mike S.

We are thrilled with our new attic insulation, baffles and sealing. Even though it is April and the weather is not freezing, we have already noticed a consistency in our home temperatures between our first and second floors. The second floor was always 2 degrees colder, and now it is the same as the first floor. Chris and Tom were wonderful to work with. Chris totally explained everything that would be completed and showed me pictures of the attic and the problems I was having. I even crawled up there to see it, and he explained it so I understood. Tom did the evaluation in order for me to get a rebate via my gas company. He explained everything to my satisfaction and understanding. The crew was neat and very nice and polite. They lined the stairs and room with plastic sheeting so nothing was damaged or dirtied. The work was so quiet that we didn’t even know they were up in the attic. And when they left, I went up to clean the room and there was nothing to clean. Best of all, the gas company rebate came directly off of my bill that I paid that day. And it was a good chunk of money. I highly recommend ARC Insulation.

- Debradrama

Very professional. On time. No BS. They encapsulated our tri-level crawlspace with closed cell foam. Super effective. Crawlspace is now warm. Main level floors are warmer. Not as hot upstairs. Furnace runs less.

- Jim C.

I emailed ARC Insulation about an energy audit on our house. Tom was forthright about how busy they were, but offered some alternative businesses that he felt would do a great job. In addition, he provided some professional advice to help me understand what we wanted done and even went so far as to send an energy audit guide in case I was interested in tackling some aspects of the audit myself. Tom certainly went above and beyond my expectations.

- Steve B.

ARC Insulation really worked quickly to address a dangerous situation at our house, and did a fantastic job. With subzero temperatures in the forecast and a history of pipes freezing in the bathroom positioned over the garage, Kevin from ARC was out on the same day I called. They had an opening in the afternoon and came on the SAME DAY and re-insulated my garage to stop the pipes from freezing. Now that we’ve gotten through the historically cold weather, I can safely say that Kevin and his team fixed the problem. They were friendly and helpful throughout. I would highly recommend.

- Michael S.

Phenomenal people and job. The 2 crews both came to my home early and ready to work. ARC sealed and encapsulated my crawlspace as well as insulated both my attics. They also weather sealed my garage door. Very satisfied!!

- Clifton H.

ARC Insulation did a fantastic job insulating our 1950s Cape Cod style house. The upstairs used to get so hot that we couldn’t even sleep up there, even when we had the AC unit on all the time. Now it’s perfect! Their estimator was on time, very thorough in his inspection, and spent all the time we needed to explain everything. Their installers were polite, neat, and did an outstanding job of cleaning up. We are so happy that the upstairs bedrooms are finally cool enough to sleep in again! I highly recommend ARC to anyone who has a hot upstairs.

- Bradley G.

ARC Insulation went above and beyond our expectations. Chris was such a pleasure to work with and was very patient with all of my questions and concerns. We did spray foam insulation and had several companies come out to give us a quote. No one seemed to have the knowledge or customer service ARC Insulation was able to provide. Luis performed the actual spray foam insulation and did a wonderful job. Our home is now night and day with comfort levels. We could not be happier with this company and will use them in the future for insulating our crawlspace. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have spray foam insulation done right.

- Sheena L.

My home inspector said that I needed more insulation in my attic, so I got several quotes from different companies. ARC Insulation, from the very start, was super impressive. Their estimator was extremely knowledgeable and was the only one to actually go all the way up into the attic to inspect it. He took pictures of what he found and explained what he recommended and why. Their pricing was very competitive, and they also offered the instant utility rebates, which made the price better than everyone else’s. The installation went perfectly, and they were all done in just one day. The very next day, I noticed my air conditioner was not running nearly as much. If I could give ARC 10 stars, I would. They really are that good!

- Kelly F.

Very professional. Cleaned up the area they worked on. Completed the work in the time they stated at the beginning.

- Catherine P.

So glad we had them come out and give us an evaluation and an estimate. They were really easy to deal with — the team that came out was so professional and neat. They really worked hard, and the best thing is I can feel the difference in our home. We should have invested in this 20 years ago!

- Joann J.

Upon buying our house 18 months ago, we knew we had to add insulation in our attic. From start to finish, these guys were very professional. We added significant insulation to bring the R-Value to a total of R-49. They also added ventilation chutes to eaves and reconnected bathroom fans as well. The install team answered all my questions and showed me before-and-after pics of the work. The crew was on time, neat, and courteous. I would not hesitate to use them again. I highly recommend ARC Insulation!

- Anonymous

Excellent work! Nice people, very responsive and professional, and so CLEAN! I am telling you, there were no pieces of insulation anywhere in my house or driveway when they left.

- Barbara C.

I messaged ARC Insulation via Angie’s List, and they replied within minutes. A call was arranged to discuss the details of the work requested. Tom was very helpful in describing the work and estimate. He was helpful and honest enough to the point we discovered the service is potentially not needed. If I do end up needing my crawlspace ductwork sealed, they are my first call.

- Anonymous

Chris was very professional and prompt. He called when he was running 15 minutes late and was respectful of our home. He immediately knew that the discoloration in the insulation under our crawlspace in the sunroom was airflow filtration and not mold. He thoroughly examined the attic area and made recommendations to remove plastic around insulation to avoid any moisture problems. He even went so far to look above garage and examine an additional space for any problems. I would highly recommend ARC Insulation. He did not charge for the assessment as no insulation work was needed. I so appreciated his expertise.

- Anonymous

Robert Moore came to our house and inspected the attic and crawlspace. We wanted to make sure that they have proper ventilation .It went great. Robert was very courteous and professional and gave us a report on that was a very comprehensive. We highly recommend this company.

- Anonymous

The quote / inspection was extremely detailed compared to others we had out to quote. A much smaller and cheaper scope of work was quoted than the other company we had out, which didn’t spend much time in the house. In addition, when doing the inspection, they pointed out some loose ducting tape which could be fixed with $5 of tape and increase our HVAC pressure. Scheduling was easy. Crew showed up on time and was extremely professional. Work was done in a timely manner, and cleanup was excellent. Obviously, there was dust and some random bits of insulation here and there, but for how much work they did, it was surprisingly low impact on us. They were excellent about laying down cover in all rooms and stairways. The only thing I can’t comment on is the quality of their work, as it was for a heating issue, and we won’t be able to tell until fall / winter.

- Anonymous

They identified a problem others did not. Fixed it at a reasonable price. Great job. No complaints

- Anonymous

We live in a 2-story colonial, and the 2nd floor was excessively warmer over the summer than the 1st floor (beyond usual heat rising), which created unusually high electric bills. Graham completed a thorough whole-house assessment, pointing out other reasons why the 2nd floor was so warm beyond obvious needs of adding attic insulation. He also pointed out errors in pre-existing recessed lights on the 2nd floor, and ways to increase insulation in basement too. We obtained other estimates, and ARC was the most expensive, but also the most comprehensive. The work was completed to the highest standards. Graham was on site while the work was being completed, and showed pictures (before/after) of the attic insulation. He was also available for weeks later to answer questions to help us further reduce our monthly electric bill. Beyond the quality of actual work completed, the attention to detail and convenient customer service makes me complete my review, noting high recommendations without any reservations.

- Anonymous

My attic insulation job was completed without a hitch. They were punctual and went right to work. They cleaned everything after and took time to show me photos of the work done. I was and still am very pleased.

- Anonymous

ARC Insulation increased our attic insulation from R15/R19 to R45. It went well. The guys were clean and punctual. Chris was a pleasure to work with and was very easy to talk to throughout the process.

- Anonymous

They did a very good inspection for energy efficiency. Pointed out minor things that I could do to make home more energy efficient

- Anonymous

Estimate given in timely manner (same day) work done in less than a day by polite crew who protected path through house with plastic, so no mess. No problems at all. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs attic insulation . Greatest thing with the utility rebate (which they took care of). Work was a bit less than estimate.

- Anonymous

I am satisfied with their work, and it seemed like a fair price. I had an energy audit done before unrelated to them. They told me how much it should be for that work, and their estimate actually came in a little bit under that. It was good work for a fair price.

- Anonymous

We worked with Grace who came out quickly to give us a quote. The price had to be negotiated down, but we ended up with a very good price. They had to call off one day after they started the job, but still finished within our time frame. The blown in insulation keeps the house very quiet. They really did a nice job with all the fire caulking they had to do and foaming around the windows. Currently, even though the house is not done, we are able to heat the house with a temporary undersized furnace. They really did a nice job!

- Anonymous

The estimate of work to be performed was well explained by their home energy consultant. They did a great job. It looks great, and I’m very satisfied.

- Anonymous

Had attic insulation replaced. They cleaned out old insulation and put new foam insulation in. They were great. They tested the house for efficiency before and after the work. We had a problem with the furnace in the attic after they were finished, and the attic needed additional vacuuming of parts of the old material under all the ducts and pipes. Kevin sent a furnace technician and someone to clean the same day I called. Everything was completed promptly.

- Holly O.

We are very happy with this company. They did an amazing job! Did exactly what we asked for for a very reasonable price. Special thanks to Jim and Tom. Great guys.

- Liudas S.

The crew from ARC Insulation was exceptional from the first consult to installation. They were courteous and respectful of our time and our home. The installation crew was meticulously clean and efficient.

- Keri H.

ARC Insulation insulated my home, as well as the homes of my brother and my neighbor. All three of us are very pleased with the service from the quote all the way to the completed job. They were fair in their price and paid attention to seemingly every detail of the job. I highly recommend them for any insulation work.

- Michael R.

My wife and I moved into a townhouse which was built in the year 2000. One would think that such a relatively new home would be somewhat energy efficient, but unfortunately, that was not the case. Our master bedroom (located above our attached garage) had ice-cold floors, and the attic above our main living area was a poorly insulated sieve of air leakage. I hired ARC Insulation to “weatherize” our home because I am a home inspector and I recognized their leadership and status in the local insulation industry. Their crew of 3 came in and diligently sealed every single crack and crevice in our attic, installed airtight covers over the 25 or so can lights in our ceiling, and added a foot and a half of lovely, fluffy cellulose insulation on the attic floor. They also pumped the same insulation under high pressure into the drafty space between our master bedroom/bathroom floor and the garage ceiling below. The results were nothing short of amazing. The wintertime temperature of the master suite floor went from 40F to nearly 70F, and our furnace runs about half as often as it did prior to their work. I don’t hesitate to recommend this company to friends, family, and home inspection clients. We are very, very happy with the results!

- Daniel C.

The ARC Insulation team, led by Matt Ward, was efficient and thorough. We felt the value we received for the price of their services was outstanding! All communications and conduct were of the utmost in professionalism. Matt explained everything very well and answered all our questions. The pictures they took of the completed work gave us visual evidence that the work was done as represented. We couldn’t have been more pleased.

- Steve O.

Very happy with the process, price, and results of ARC Insulation. I worked with Matt, who was professional, experienced, and patient. I had lots of questions! ARC completed the work in a single day and kept my house clean in the process. I have noticed a (better) temperature difference upstairs as a result of the new insulation. I would recommend ARC to anyone who is looking to insulate or ventilate their attic.

- Taylor Y.

We had a great experience with the guys at ARC Insulation. They were so professional and knowledgeable. They took great care of our house and did not blink when we needed some plaster and paint patch work done post installation. They did a better job than our regular guy. We were so impressed with them start to finish.

- Belinda C.

I contacted ARC Insulation for an energy evaluation of my home. The home was built in 2000, but the second story was much warmer in the summer even with the AC on. I thought it would be an insulation problem. Chris came out and spoke to my wife. He noticed that a some of the dampers in the duct system needed to be adjusted. The main adjustment he said was needed by the furnace in the crawlspace. I made this adjustment later that day. It made all the difference. Now the second story is almost the same temperature as the first floor. Chris did not charge me for the visit. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service.

- Bob V.

Jay was terrific to work with, and his crew was exceptional! I am very happy with the work done and would hire them again!

- Scott G.

Matt came out and performed a professional evaluation of my attic insulation and fan. Provided excellent advice and did not try to sell me on service I did not need. First rate!

- Tim D.

The installation team did a great job and completed everything in one day. Plus a follow-up crew came out to fix some nail pops that happened (my house is almost 50 years old, so understandably this occurred). Very happy to have a thorough team to complete our attic insulation. And, my house is now more energy efficient, and there are minimal to no icicles on my roof.

- Joanna M.

We knew from the home inspection that we needed new insulation for our attic, so we were shopping around and got multiple quotes, including one of the big box stores. ARC Insulation was the most reasonable along with rebates. Chris came out for the inspection and explained in detail that apart from just insulation, we needed “weatherization”, basically closing air leaks. Never once did they try to upsell; everything was explained with reasons. Then on the scheduled day, their technician Tom came out to do the blower door test, and he was very thorough and explained the readings. The day of the install, the crew came on time and were very professional and patient. The entire work took more than 6 hours. They did the blower door test again, and the readings were proof enough .The changes in temperature inside the house was noticeable immediately. Thank you, ARC!

- Ram S.

I had a great experience working with ARC Insulation. I needed insulation work done to my cathedral ceiling, which is a bit of a unique job and requires the use of spray foam, which not all companies use. ARC was able to do the entire job from start to finish all the way down to paint. Everyone I interacted with was professional and polite. We had several setbacks on my end that delayed the start of the project, and they continued to check in with me to see when I would be ready. They proved to be timely, reliable and helpful.

- Nicole J.

My consultant, Matt, was awesome and very knowledgeable about products to help keep my home and garage insulated. Definitely not a guy to make you spend money on things that you do not need. So grateful that I met him at the home show. He saved me and my pocketbook from going broke. Thank you.

- Latrice C.

I recently had ARC Insulation out to my home to explore whether or not I could take advantage of the Nicor energy rebates. I haven’t pulled the trigger on anything yet, but the sales team I dealt with was professional, courteous and responsive. I would highly recommend!

- Nicole W.

They were extremely professional and honest. They actually told me how I can do the work myself, so I could avoid hiring them for a small project. I appreciate the attention to detail, and that they provide a free analysis, which truly is free. They don’t oversell, and they are reasonable and work with you.

- Brian H.

The service & performance were excellent!! The crew was a pleasure to work with, and they went above & beyond my service needs, which I am extremely grateful for. Thank you all so much! If anyone is looking for home improvement or repairs, I would HIGHLY recommend this company!

- Tammi S.

Robert was very helpful and patient during our consultation and was willing to take the time to understand our somewhat-complicated split-level house to make sure he was recommending the right work to be done. We ended up going with closed-cell foam under the floor in the crawlspace of a bump-out room, on the rim joists in the basement, and in the lower 2 feet where a foundation wall had been left un-insulated above the frost line. As an extra bonus, ARC Insulation was also willing/able to coordinate with the general contractor for a bathroom remodel we were doing around the same time, and foamed the exterior wall of the bathroom while the wall was open for the remodel. Also, I would say a sign of a good company is how they handle unexpected set-backs. In our case, when the foam truck arrived at the agreed-to time, unfortunately the foam machine had stopped working, and the workers were unable to start the job (truck needed to be brought in for repairs). Craig was extremely helpful to keep our project (and the bathroom remodel) on track and was able to get another truck to come out the following morning. The following morning, the workers arrived on time, did a reasonable job at protecting areas not being sprayed (all I noticed was some red spots on the carpet from when they snapped a chalk line and some overspray on the wall that would need re-painting anyways), and cleaned up after themselves when done. Shortly after they finished, there was a chemical-like smell for a few hours, which I was able to get rid of by running fans in the windows for a while. After 24 hours, there was no detectable smell. Finally, ARC Insulation was quite understanding / helpful when the general contractor for my bathroom remodel complained that the foam stuck out past the furring strips on the wall, preventing them from installing cement board for the shower. That same afternoon, two workers came to trim down the excess foam, and the shower work was able to proceed the following day.

- Anonymous

Excellent start to finish– appointments were on time, all questions were answered, inspections were thorough (even included thermal imaging of the areas of the attic we couldn’t access), and all was cleaned up after job was completed. Highly recommend!

- Shari H.

Robert Moore came to our house and inspected the attic and crawlspace. We wanted to make sure that they have proper ventilation .It went great. Robert was very courteous and professional and gave us a report on that was a very comprehensive. We highly recommend this company.

- Anonymous

Everything went great. They consulted with us versus just “pitching” us. The service team was very professional and friendly, completed everything on time, cleaned up, and treated us like we were neighbors instead of just a “job”. Excellent company. Highly recommended.

- Anonymous

From the first consultation appointment to the finished project, ARC Insulation did a fantastic job with my insulation project, which was not easy. They made recommendations on what was needed and went above and beyond to ensure the spaces were adequately ventilated and properly insulated. A newly installed bathroom exhaust fan was not vented correctly, so they corrected that by venting to roof. They did everything per the job specification list and did so with the utmost professionalism and care for my home. I was originally told the job would take two days, and they completed everything in one day. The installers were efficient and knew what they were doing! It was easy to schedule the work without a lot of wait time. I am very happy with all the work ARC did, and I would highly recommend them.

- Anonymous

Matt Ward and his crew did an outstanding job. Matt is professional, answered all my questions, returned my phone calls in a timely fashion and explained all the details of the job. I highly recommend you use ARC Insulation for your insulation needs. It makes a huge difference, especially in this hot weather.

- Anonymous

The difference in the temperature of my home is amazing and I can keep my thermostat lower. The crew was efficient and professional, and did a thorough job cleaning up.

- Anonymous

Matt Ward and his crew did an outstanding job. Matt is professional, answered all my questions, returned my phone calls in a timely fashion and explained all the details of the job. I highly recommend you use ARC Insulation for your insulation needs. It makes a huge difference, especially in this hot weather.

- Anonymous

ARC Insulation completed sealing and encapsulation of my crawlspace, insulation and sealing of both my attics, and weather sealing of my garage door. It went extremely well. Both crews showed up early and ready to work. Upon completion, they cleaned up very well.

- Anonymous

ARC Insulation sent a guy over to inspect our house, inside and out, assisted by an infrared camera to look for heat loss. ARC Insulation offers this inspection free of charge. It obviously could have been essentially a sales call, but the inspector said that he thinks our house has plenty of insulation, and advised us to look towards improving the way the HVAC system directs heat and cold air. He didn’t try to sell us anything. We greatly appreciated his professionalism and honesty.

- Anonymous

It went great! They discovered some things in the attic that weren’t up to code, so they resolved all those issues. There was a slight delay in the project while waiting for my condo association to approve the work, and everyone at ARC Insulation was very helpful in getting me the additional information I needed. I would definitely recommend ARC Insulation.

- Anonymous

Perfect! Team of two arrived on time (a little early actually); very pleasant, completed the work in a timely and efficient manner.

- Anonymous

We had these guys come out to do an estimate. They were very professional and offered us one solution to our heating problem. We ended up going with another company only because the solution offered was more to our liking, but these guys seemed very professional and overall I would not hesitate to recommend them.

- Anonymous

Referred by a contractor friend. These guys were terrific! Large, professional operation. Came out to quote one day after first call. Did the work two days later. Exceeded my expectations in every way. Superior workmanship and service.

- Anonymous

ARC Insulation insulated my attic and addition to prevent ice dams. Both jobs went well. There was a small issue with pressurization the first time we used the whole-house fan after the attic was insulated. Jay sent out a crew right away to remedy the problem. They ended up installing a new vent closer to the fan than the ones that were already in place. Problem solved. We were so pleased with the service, we opted to have the addition done and the crew completed that job the same day. They did an excellent job cleaning up as well.

- Anonymous

The representatives arrived as scheduled and performed a thorough evaluation of attic insulation/ mold issues (including thermal inspection). Another evaluator checked the home for energy efficiency to see if we could qualify for rebates. The technicians arrived as scheduled and did the work and clean-up. Very professional all the way through. They even took pictures of the completed work in the attic to show us so we wouldn’t have to crawl up there.

- Anonymous