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Posted by ARC Insulation May 24th, 2024

Making performance upgrades to your home is easier than ever with one of the best insulation contractors in Chicagoland. While many home improvements will pay for themselves over time and lower your energy costs right away, the upfront costs are an investment.

At ARC Insulation, we strive to provide energy-saving solutions to home comfort and health issues while also helping our customers maximize their savings. That’s why we pay so much attention to all of the incentives and rebates currently available to homeowners in our service area, including Naperville and the surrounding areas. We’re here to help you qualify for Illinois rebates and federal incentives, including:

Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits & Rebates

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the largest act of Congress to combat climate change and allows homeowners throughout the country to afford home performance upgrades. Within the IRA are several new or revitalized tax credits and rebates, including:

25C Tax Credit

Officially named the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit, this tax credit will reduce your federal income tax liability by 30% of the cost of your home improvements. The 25C tax credit can be claimed every year and filed with your annual tax returns from now through 2032. The energy efficiency upgrades that qualify for the IRA tax credits include:

IRA Rebates

The Inflation Reduction Act also includes two rebate programs aimed to incentivize energy efficiency upgrades. These rebates are not available yet, and each state is responsible for applying for both programs individually and distributing funds to their residents. The state of Illinois has not released an official release date for the IRA rebates, but ARC Insulation is keeping a close watch on any updates. The rebate programs will include:

  • Home Owner Managing Energy Savings (HOMES) – This program provides rebates for home performance upgrades based on a measured amount of energy savings they provide.
  • High-Efficiency Electric Home – This rebate program is designed exclusively for low to moderate income households and cannot be combined with the HOMES or any other federal grant program.

Local Incentives in Chicagoland

There are also local utility rebates and incentives available for insulation services in Naperville, Romeoville, and surrounding areas:

Nicor Gas

We work with the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program to offer rebates and instant discounts for your energy-saving projects that qualify for a rebate. Save up to $1,850 on professional insulation and other weatherization services through Nicor Gas rebates. Here are the specifics:

  • Air sealing – $500
  • Duct Sealing – $600
  • Attic InsulationUp to $400
    • Existing insulation R-value must be R20 or less
  • Exterior wall (including kneewalls) – $150
  • Foundation sidewall (including band joist) – $200

Peoples Gas Home Energy Rebate Program

Get up to $700 in insulation rebates with Peoples Gas. Chicago insulation rebates are only available when paired with air sealing and when installed by an approved weatherization contractor—like ARC Insulation. The Peoples Gas rebates are determined by either the size of your home insulation upgrade or the reduction of energy loss for air sealing.

Naperville’s Energy Efficiency Grant Program

The City of Naperville Electric Utility customers can receive $1 per square foot, up to $3,000, for insulation upgrades. These rebates are limited to 50% of a project’s total—including materials and labor—and can be doubled when paired with the installation of energy-efficient windows. Homeowners must also be a current contributor to the City of Naperville Electric Utility’s Renewable Energy Program to receive the insulation rebates.

North Shore Gas Home Energy Rebate Program

With North Shore Gas’ Home Energy Rebate Program, you can get up to $700 in insulation rebates. Similar to the Peoples Gas rebates, these insulation rebates are only available when paired with air sealing and when installed by an approved weatherization contractor—like ARC Insulation. Attic and Wall Insulation qualify and total rebate savings for both are based on per square foot.

Maximize Your Savings & Benefit Now

ARC Insulation encourages Chicagoland residents to get an energy assessment before making any home performance upgrades. The best way to determine where your home needs insulation the most is to first find where it has inefficiencies. Every month you wait to upgrade your home, you’ll also be paying more for heating and cooling costs and missing out on other benefits, like:

Our team can help you qualify for, and combine, available rebates to make sure you’re getting the most from your energy efficiency upgrades—and maximizing your savings.


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