Insulation Removal, Schaumburg, IL

If damage to your property causes need for insulation removal, make sure our professionals complete the job.

Most of the time when we are discussing insulation with home or business owners here at ARC Insulation, we are informing people of the benefits of adding insulation to their properties. However, there are also times when insulation removal is a useful service that we can provide for people in the Schaumburg, Illinois area. While there are some instances in which you can add new insulation on top of old insulation, there are times when insulation removal is a necessary service that shouldn’t be undertaken by the property owner.

Insulation Removal in Schaumburg, Illinois

When your insulation is wet, insulation removal is a necessary process. Even if your insulation is damp from a roof leak in your attic, insulation removal is important to prevent mold growth or other damage. Often insulation removal is instigated because of issues or damage regarding water. From small leaks to flooded basements, our insulation removal process can ensure that your damaged insulation is removed and replaced. This helps to prevent mold growth, damage to new drywall, and other issues.

Insulation removal is not a process that we recommend property owners attempt on their own. Many types of insulation are made from fiberglass, which can be far more abrasive than many people realize, leaving them with itching, skin irritation and other issues. However, other types of insulation, especially in older homes, may have asbestos components, which should never be disturbed or removed by a property owner.

If you are looking for skilled and experienced insulation removal services for many types and areas of insulation, please give us a call here at ARC Insulation for assistance.

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