Why You Need Professional Insulation Removal

At ARC Insulation, we are always trying to help people add insulation to their homes to make them more energy efficient, so why would we turn around and also advocate for professional insulation removal? When insulation is damaged by flooding or other debris, it needs to be properly removed and replaced in order to prevent damages like mold growth or other issues. Here at ARC Insulation, we want to make sure your insulation removal is done safely and properly by a professional for your safety and comfort.

make sure your insulation removal is done safely and properly

When you choose to complete insulation removal by yourself, you are putting yourself at risk of scratches, itchy skin, allergic reactions, and the spreading of mold and airborne dust particles. Insulation removal isn’t as simple as taking out the old insulation. Instead, it requires the skilled hands of a professional in order to keep those tiny particles from becoming airborne and circulating throughout your property. Additionally, because our insulation professionals are able to install and remove insulation with the proper gear, we don’t worry about the literal shards of glass that live in fiberglass insulation or other issues with different types of insulation.

If you have recently had damage to your property, especially water damage or leaks, you need to contact professionals like ours at ARC Insulation to take care of your insulation removal and replacement process. We have been helping people like yourself with all their insulation needs, including insulation removal, for 24 years now, and we would love to help your insulation removal process be a safe and smooth one.