What is Air Sealing and Why is it Important?

If you find that your home’s HVAC system is continuously running, but you still have trouble maintaining a targeted temperature, the issue may not be with the HVAC system. If you notice a draft in your home even though the doors and windows are closed, this could also signal a problem. In order for our homes to effectively maintain a consistent temperature, they need to be sealed off from intrusions of outside air. When air is finding its way in, it can create problems that disrupt our comfort and increase our energy savings.

Air sealing is a very cost-effective way to improve your energy spending

Here at ARC Insulation, we offer air sealing as one of the many services we provide to improve the comfort and efficiency of the homes and businesses in our community. Air sealing is a process that involves finding any air leaks that exist in a home and then using caulking, weatherstripping or other measures to resolve the leak(s). This prevents conditioned air from escaping and outside air from entering your home. Air sealing is a very cost-effective way to improve your energy spending and maintain desirable temperatures and moisture levels in your home. Without air sealing, you may be allowing air to escape, but you also may find other intruders, such as pests and bugs, are finding their way into your home as well.

Here at ARC Insulation, we have a highly trained team ready to serve you with all of your weatherization needs, including air sealing. We are state certified in weatherization assessments and contracting. We are also BPI certified in air sealing and insulation. These skills, accompanied with a strong focus in excellent customer care, make us a clear choice for your home’s air sealing and other weatherization needs. Give us a call today.