Tips for Proper Attic Insulation

Many of us are on the hunt for energy savings and energy efficiency. Often time, especially if you check out a few search pages, you will quickly learn that large areas like the basement or attic are the areas that should be well-insulated. If you are looking for a few tips on proper attic insulation, we would be happy to tell you some of ours here at ARC Insulation.

place the attic insulation for maximum benefit

First, the type of insulation matters. Insulation is not the same across the board. Insulation comes in many different forms, some in solid, large rolls called “batts” or in little fibers that can be blown into your attic. The type you get will be dependent upon the attic access you have, the type of home you have, and how much insulation or R-value you are looking for.

Second, attic insulation is one of the best things you can do for your energy efficiency. Rather than spending money and time on sealing every single crack around the doors and windows, try taking a peek into your attic! Without proper insulation, your warm and cool air could be escaping right out of your attic rafters, never to be heard from again.

Third, get attic insulation professionals to complete any attic insulation tasks in your property. Attic insulation isn’t something you should try to DIY because not only is it tight work quarters, especially for the unexperienced, but professionals know where to seal and place the attic insulation for maximum benefit.

To learn more about ARC Insulation, please come and talk with us about our attic insulation methods that can work in your home or business property.