Times to Get a Mold Inspection

It’s easy enough to tell you have a mold problem when the mold is visible, but not all mold is easy to detect. So how do you know you have mold if you can’t see it? Here are five instances when a mold inspection would be in your best interest:

1.    When buying a new home – When buying a new home, you likely won’t find out about all of the water issues that have existed in the home’s past. However, you can be reassured that there are no mold problems with a thorough mold inspection.

2.    When a home has been unoccupied – If your home has been unoccupied for several months, there are chances that humidity or undetected water intrusions have been allowing mold to grow.

It is especially important to get a mold inspection

3.    After water damage – If you’ve had a water intrusion, chances are that moisture got into areas you cannot see. It is especially important to get a mold inspection if your water intrusion remained undetected and/or unresolved for over 48 hours.

4.    When experiencing adverse health issues – Many people are sensitive to mold, especially if they have respiratory issues. If you have had problems with unexplained allergic reactions or asthma, a mold inspection might help.

5.    When you notice mold in other areas of the home – If you find mold growing in more than one area of the home, it is a good idea to have a mold inspection to make sure you find it all. Different types of mold can be growing, and while some is visible, there may be other growth areas that are harder to see.

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