Nicor Gas Rebates 2024

Insulation and air sealing upgrades can provide several benefits to your home health and comfort. Luckily, these home performance improvements are more affordable for Chicagoland homeowners with generous rebates from local utility companies, like Nicor Gas in 2024!

With over 30,000 homes insulated throughout the greater Chicago area, ARC Insulation can help with all of your insulation, duct sealing, and air sealing needs—including helping you maximize your savings with up to $1,850 in Nicor rebates with their newly expanded home attic insulation rebate program.

Nicor Gas Weatherization Rebates in 2024

Nicor Gas offers several weatherization rebates under their Energy Efficiency Rebate Program to help their customers lower their monthly energy costs and make their homes more comfortable. Homes can qualify with a R-Value of R20 or less!  We participate in the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program and can offer instant discounts for energy-saving projects. Homeowners need to work with a Nicor Gas Air Sealing and Insulation contractor—like ARC Insulation—for their upgrades to be eligible for rebates that include:

  • $500 for air sealing
  • Up to $400 for attic insulation (existing insulation R-value must be R20 or less)
  • $600 for duct sealing
  • $150 for exterior wall insulation (including kneewalls)
  • $200 for foundation wall insulation, like a crawl space or basement (including band joists)

This rebate program is eligible from January 1, 2024 until December 31, 2024 and the rebates are applied by the program-approved contractor, like ARC Insulation, as an instant rebate on your final invoice. 

Why Insulate and Air Seal?

The team at ARC holds several building science certifications that equip us to provide reliable and long-lasting insulation services. We understand the importance of combining  insulation and air sealing, with benefits such as:

Lower Energy Bills

Insulation works to slow the transfer of heat between your living space and the outdoors, helping to keep conditioned air in your home where it belongs. This means lower energy bills all year long and less wear and tear on your HVAC system. 

More Home Comfort

Since insulation and air sealing create a thermal barrier for your home, you’ll see less drafty or stuffy rooms and an overall more comfortable home any season of the year. 

Noise Reduction

The materials found in both cellulose and spray foam insulation absorb sound while air sealing closes off the gaps that allow sound waves into your home, making it quieter and more peaceful. 

Pest Control

Air sealing seals off access for insects, rodents and other pests, while insulation—especially spray foam—will keep them out of the nooks and crannies of your home. 

ARC Insulation: Your Local Insulation Contractor For Chicagoland Rebates

We’ve been helping Greater Chicagoland and the surrounding area homeowners with their insulation needs since 1993 and stay up to date on all of the local and federal rebates available to make our services more affordable. 

Our team can even help you determine which incentives can be combined so you can get the most savings—for example, the Nicor Gas rebates can be combined with the 30% federal tax credit through the Inflation Reduction Act!

Not a Nicor Gas customer? That’s ok, the ARC Insulation team can also help you qualify for rebates up to $700 for air sealing and insulation through Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas Home Energy Rebate Program as well! Similarly to Nicor Gas, these rebates are only available through approved contractors, like ARC Insulation. 

Our comprehensive insulation services include:

Reach out to our team to get started on your air sealing and insulation projects with Nicor Gas Rebates in 2024. Call 815-293-1250 or contact us online.

Updated 12/13/2023