How To Prepare For Your Home Insulation Installation

Have you recently scheduled to have new home insulation installed and you’re wondering what you should do next? It’s important to effectively prepare prior to your installation day to promote a smooth home insulation installation. To get you started, here are the top tasks to consider when preparing for your installation day:

  • Clean The Area – First and foremost, when preparing for any kind of home installation, make sure that the area where work will be performed is clean and clear of clutter and anything that would otherwise get in the way. A clean work area promotes safety for the professionals.How To Prepare For Your Home Insulation Installation
  • Inspect For Air & Water Leaks – Before the professionals arrive, give your attic or other area of installation an inspection to look for air or water leaks. It’s important to point these problem areas out to the professionals so they can ensure that they pay extra close attention to those areas when installing insulation. If there are significant water leaks, you should have your home inspected for water damage before having insulation installed.
  • Box Out Light Fixtures – To reduce the risk of fire, consider boxing out your light fixtures. To do this, create a three-inch gap between your light fixture and insulation. You can create this gap by using plywood, hardware cloth, or flashing.
  • Check Exhaust Fans – Lastly, check that your exhaust fans are facing outward. Doing this will ensure that humid air is going outside and not into your attic or other areas of your home.

We hope these tips will help you effectively prepare for your home insulation installation. If you have any questions regarding home insulation, contact us today at ARC Insulation for more information.