Benefits of Air Sealing Your Attic

If you’re looking into finding ways to improve your home, air sealing your attic is a great option. So, what is air sealing? Air sealing is minimizing the space between your conditioned and unconditioned areas in your home. Air is constantly coming into your house one way or another, and when you air seal, you are keeping that unwanted air out of your attic and regulating the energy in your home. Here are the top benefits of having your attic air sealed.

air sealing your attic is a great option

  • Air Quality – You always want the best air quality in your home, and ventilation is important to make this happen. However, relying on the spaces and cracks within your home is not a good way to regulate air quality. Not only does air comes through those cracks, but also pollution and allergens.
  • Regulate Temperature – Sealing off the possibility of air coming in through unwanted spaces will regulate your home’s temperate and ensure it is at the desired temperature.
  • Cost – One of the greatest benefits of sealing your attic is the cost savings. Sealing off your attic preserves the energy consumption in your home. Homeowners who live in new homes can save approximately 5-15% in their energy bill, while homeowners who live in older homes can save approximately 25-50% in their energy bill just by simply getting their attic sealed.
  • Mold Prevention – Mold can be found anywhere in your home, but especially in your attic. Mold thrives in moist, humid spaces. By sealing your attic, you are preventing any unwanted moisture in your attic and home.

As you can see, sealing your attic will benefit your home greatly. If you have any questions about air sealing your attic and the services we provide, please contact us at ARC Insulation today.