Why Do You Need Basement Insulation?

Many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the number of home improvement projects they could make in the name of energy efficiency. But if you have a basement, you need to insulate it, and here are three of the top reasons why.

Why Do You Need Basement Insulation?

  • Prevent Mold. Mold is a health hazard that can be present in your basement. As mold grows, it produces spores, which can spread throughout your home. Mold also has allergens that irritate the respiratory system, causing asthma to flare up and triggering other respiratory problems. Basement insulation will keep your basement dry and keep mold out.
  • Keep Pests Out. The second reason your home needs basement insulation is to keep pests out. Pests such as rodents or bugs will use any crack or opening to find shelter in your home. Rodents can gnaw the wiring, wood, and other materials, damaging your home.
  • It Will Lengthen the Life of Your HVAC System. When your home is well insulated, the heat stays inside your home in the winter, and the cool air from your air conditioning unit stays in your home longer. The less demand on your HVAC unit, the lower your energy bill and the less the system must work to keep up. Insulation’s role is to prevent heat transfer between your home’s exterior surfaces and the outdoors. The more stable the temperature stays in the basement, the more stable the temperatures will be in your home.

There are also a few things you need to consider when determining the best way to ensure your basement has adequate insulation. Here are a few of the things you’ll need to think about:

  • How much insulation does your basement have today?
  • If it has insulation, then check the R-value. R-value refers to how well your insulation resists heat flow.
  • Does your basement flood regularly? If so, you should take steps to prevent flooding and moisture first.
  • Is your basement finished? The amount of basement insulation you need depends on the use.

We have several options for finding the proper basement insulation for your home. Contact us today.