When is it Time for Insulation Replacement?

Here at ARC Insulation, we know you want to keep your home or business in the best possible shape, and this includes taking the necessary steps to keep it at optimum energy efficiency. One of the things that has a big impact on your property’s overall efficiency is the insulation. Insulation is designed to last for long periods of time, but like anything else, it can lose its effectiveness as it ages. When that happens, insulation replacement could be a huge benefit to your property. Our team knows that it can be difficult to gauge when the time is right to replace your insulation, so in this article we’ll go over some ways to better figure it out.

 insulation replacement could be a huge benefit to your property

  • Observe the Building- The first thing to do when deciding whether insulation replacement is right for you is to observe your home or business both inside and out. In the winter, do large icicles or ice dams form on the exterior? Is it difficult to keep the upper floors at a comfortable temperature in any season? Does the building heat up quickly in the summer? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you could benefit a great deal from insulation replacement.
  • Consult a Professional- Of course, if you still aren’t sure whether insulation replacement is necessary or worth it, you can consult with an insulation professional such as one of our experts at ARC Insulation. Our team knows what questions to ask to get a more complete picture of how effective your current insulation is, and we can perform a thorough inspection to find any air leaks or areas with poor or no insulation. With this information, we can give you a definite verdict on whether you need insulation replacement.
  • Get an Energy Audit- If you want to be absolutely sure about the state of your insulation, then the best way to do that is to have an energy audit performed on your property. An energy audit is a thorough evaluation of your home or business that collects hard data about its energy usage and the effectiveness of your insulation. When our team at ARC Insulation has completed your audit, we’ll be able to show you the raw numbers of how much energy you’re using and how much might be going to waste. This allows you to see the results of our investigation and the evidence we use to make our recommendation for yourself. If you are interested in an energy audit to find out whether you need insulation replacement, just give us a call.