What You Need to Know About an Energy Audit

A home energy audit will help you to know how efficient your home is. It will show you the locations in your home that are costing you additional money to heat/cool. It will then provide you with recommendations to improve your overall energy usage. Below are a few key things you should know about getting a home energy audit.

What You Need to Know About an Energy Audit

  • The Process – It helps to know what to expect during your home energy audit. The home energy auditor will walk around the outside of your home looking for any issues that may contribute to leaks in or out of your home. The auditor will also take a close look at your attic. They will be looking to make sure that it is properly insulated, that there is insulation between your walls, and ensuring that any holes for electrical lines are correctly sealed. The water heater and furnace will be inspected to make sure they are operating correctly and efficiently. The auditor will also look at the lighting in your home. If you are not using LED lightbulbs, then you will likely be advised to switch.
  • Blower Door Test – Your home energy audit will likely include a blower door test. This test is to find any air leaks. All the doors and windows will be properly closed, and a door blower machine will depressurize your home. The auditor will look at an infrared machine to see where hot or cold air is entering the home. This will help the auditor to give you accurate and precise recommendations to improve your home’s energy efficiency.