What to Do When Nothing Else Works to Reduce Your Energy Bill

If you’ve noticed a recent increase in your energy bill, you’re likely doing everything you can to reduce costs: replacing the AC or heater, turning out the lights when you leave the house, and maybe even washing your clothes in cold water. You might be frustrated that no solution has worked so far, but you don’t need to give up just yet. There is still a way to reduce your energy bill. Here’s how.

What to Do When Nothing Else Works to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Begin with an energy audit

One of the best ways to get to the root of the problem that increased your energy bill is with an energy audit. The audit will tell you exactly what parts of your home are wasting energy and give you ideas on where to start to fix it. It’s not a direct solution to reduce your energy bill, but it’s the most effective place to start rather than guessing and checking.

Check the insulation

The insulation is usually among the last things people think of to reduce an energy bill, but it can be very important. Your insulation blocks unwanted air and moisture from coming into the house. If you have faulty insulation, it’s not able to do its job as efficiently and could cause drafts and extra work for your HVAC system. This could be reflected in your energy bill and replacing your insulation could make a big difference.

Between these two key steps, you should be able to easily find the root of your energy bill issue and quickly find a solution to reduce the costs. If you are still struggling to reduce your energy bill, you are welcome to give us a call, and we will happily perform an energy audit with the necessary assessments to identify the energy-wasting culprit and provide the most effective solution.