Top Signs Your Home Needs More Home Insulation

Home Insulation in Naperville, IL

It is one thing to struggle with an outdoor activity on a hot summer or cold winter day. It is quite another to struggle inside your home because your home insulation isn’t keeping the air conditioned or heated air inside your home very well. Being uncomfortable is only one symptom that you need more home insulation. Here are a few more signs that you should call a home insulation company:

  • Fluctuation Between Rooms: Is one room cold while another is hot? That is certainly frustrating, but it is also a sign that your insulation might be doing a good job in one spot, but not another.
  • Rodents and Insects: Air isn’t the only thing that can squeeze through gaps in your home insulation. Rodents and insects can as well, and once they do, they’ll go to work further damaging your home insulation if it is a type they like using for nesting. If you hear the pitter patter of little feet above your head, notice droppings or see other evidence of dead or live rodents or insects, you should call for home insulation services.
  • High Utility Bills: The harder your HVAC system has to work, the more it will cost you. If you have noticed higher bills that can’t be explained by a rate hike or unseasonable weather conditions, you may need more home insulation. You’ll save money on utilities as well as HVAC repairs, while avoiding premature HVAC failure.

If any of these symptoms is occurring in your home, give us a call at ARC Insulation. We are happy to check your home insulation and provide you with our recommendation. We’d love to add you to our list of over 20,000 customers that we’ve helped since 1993 and we’re confident you’ll love the added comfort and reduced costs you’ll enjoy with a properly insulated home. Call today and let us help you stretch those household expense dollars!