Three Tips to Help with Energy Savings this Summer

During the summer, you will have some savings on energy with the absence of winter and not having to worry about staying warm. However, you will face the opposite challenge of trying to keep your home cool! Here are three tips to help with your energy savings this summer:

1.  Take Advantage of Ceiling Fans- During summer, the temperatures rise, which means using the AC. Running the AC on hot days can up your energy bill in the summer. If you have a ceiling fan, you should run that as often as you can. Did you know it costs about $4.80 per day to run your AC? Well, it only costs $0.53 per day to run your ceiling fan. As you can see, cooling your home with a ceiling fan is the best choice for energy savings.

Three Tips to Help with Energy Savings this Summer

2.  Cook Outside- Hot summer days can be brutal, especially if you have to cook with your oven. The heat from an oven can increase the temperature in your home, causing your AC to work harder to keep things cool. This means an increase in your energy bill. A great way to avoid this problem is by cooking outdoors whenever the day allows for it. When you cook outside, you can save on energy costs while also enjoying the warm weather with family and friends.

3.  Check Your Windows and Doors- If your windows and doors aren’t properly sealed, air will escape through the cracks, causing your energy bill to rise. Making sure all air leaks are sealed around your home can save you more money than you might think. You can save anywhere between five and 30 percent per year in energy costs. If you notice any air leaks around your windows or doors, take some caulk and block the airflow.

Save yourself some money and try these tips this summer to help with energy savings. If you need air leaks sealed, your AC serviced, or have any questions on how you can save on your energy bill, call us today at ARC Insulation, and we will be happy to help and answer your questions.