Three Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home

Is your energy bill higher than normal? Are you finding yourself messing with the temperature of your home frequently? If so, you might have an air leak in your home. Air leaks can cause uncomfortable temperatures inside your home and result in higher energy bills.

Three Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home

If you are experiencing these issues, you should look into air sealing your home. Here are three benefits of having your home air sealed:

1.  Uncomfortable Temperatures- Whether it is cold air in the winter or hot air in the summer, air leaks can cause your home’s temperature to fluctuate and become uncomfortable. The air leaks can come from gaps, seams or cracks in your home and can be hard to find, so if you are regularly noticing uncomfortable temperatures, you should look into having a professional air seal your home.

2.  Lower Energy Bills– One of the biggest ways air sealing your home will benefit you is by lowering your energy bill. The cold air that enters your home through air leaks causes your heating system to run on overdrive. It’s trying to keep your home warm, but it’s a losing battle if the cold air keeps entering your home through air leaks, and the more your heating system runs, the higher the bill. Air sealing your home can help keep your energy bill low by keeping the temperature in your home maintained.

3.  Keep Moisture Out– Moisture can start to build up in your basement or bathroom from air leaks. This can lead to musty smells and mildew growing in your home. Making sure your basement and/or crawlspace is sealed can help keep moisture out of your home. Moisture can be very damaging, so sealing air leaks can also save you from having to make costly repairs down the road.

As you can see, there are some great benefits of air sealing your home. If you are in need of air sealing, call us today at ARC Insulation, and we will get your home sealed and protected.