The Best Times to Get Insulation Replacement

Your home’s insulation provides all-year protection from the outside temperatures. It dampens noise, saves energy, and makes your home comfortable. When your insulation needs replacing, it can be a different picture. But when is the best time to replace or update the insulation in your home?

The Best Times to Get Insulation Replacement

As far as the calendar goes, fall and spring are the best times for insulation replacement. Your HVAC system is infrequently running, if at all. Our licensed contractors can provide a thorough inspection, provide an estimate, and perform the insulation replacement just in time for more extreme temperatures.

First of all, you may need to find out if insulation replacement is needed. Signs that your insulation is not performing at optimal levels are:

  • Energy bills are climbing. Do your energy bills seem higher, yet there have not been any changes in your programmable thermostat? Your HVAC system is well-maintained, and the power company’s rates haven’t increased, so what’s the deal? Inadequate insulation is likely the cause.
  • Your home is 20 years old. Even if the house is new to you, if your home is 15-20 years old and the insulation is original to the home, you may need insulation replacement. Today’s insulation Is much better than the insulation from 10-15 years ago.
  • Your home has had water damage. Major water leaks, burst pipes, or flooding can instantly damage insulation. However, moisture – even seasonal dampness – causes mold and mildew, eventually breaking down the insulation’s compounds. We can identify and fix water or moisture damage and then have our professional insulation installers remove the damaged insulation and replace it.

Our team here at ARC Insulation has decades of insulation replacement experience, and we pride ourselves on being honest, hardworking, and dependable. Contact us to schedule a consultation and determine the right time to insulate your home.