Insulation Removal: Not a DIY Project

Insulation, the pink batt kind, is something so common and ubiquitous that many of us would be more surprised to find something else inside of our walls or attic spaces. There are many different types of insulation, all of which serve their purpose. However, if you have insulation that you either no longer want because of home damage or because you need insulation removal in order to make room for improvements, we want to help you here at ARC Insulation. As you will soon learn, insulation removal is not a DIY project for your property!

insulation removal should be done with the help of a professional with safety in mind

A good portion of insulation is made of fiberglass. While fiberglass is strong, a good insulator and readily available, trying insulation removal on your own can leave you with a host of problems like respiratory issues, discomfort, itchy skin and other bothersome problems. These are just some of the issues that can arise without professional insulation removal.

When you have insulation removal done with a professional, not only do you get to sit back and have the workers complete the insulation removal, but you can feel confident that old insulation is not being tracked over the property. You can also have peace of mind knowing it will be disposed of properly.

Finally, insulation removal should be done with the help of a professional with safety in mind. Someone who completes insulation removal for a living will know the danger signs to look for, issues with moisture or mold damage, and even if you have mold or other insulation dangers.

If you are looking for a DIY project, find something that you enjoy doing and leave the insulation removal to our team here at ARC Insulation.