How to Insulate a Cold Room

Do you have a room in your home that’s impossible to keep comfortable and is always stuffy in the summer or chilly in the winter? While this is a common problem for many homeowners throughout Chicagoland, insulating your home can help! By adding an extra layer of protection from the elements, insulation provides several benefits, like more consistent temperatures throughout your entire home—including cold rooms. 

At ARC Insulation, we’ve been helping homeowners throughout Chicagoland increase their home comfort with our comprehensive insulation services for more than 30 years. Got a cold room in your home? Here’s how we can fix it!

Year-Round Benefits of Insulation

Most people know that insulation can help keep your home warm during the winter months, but it can do more than that. Insulating your home also helps keep cool, conditioned air in your home throughout the summer, as well provides many other year-round benefits, such as:

  • More Home Comfort – With insulation upgrades, you’ll instantly notice the difference in the consistency of your indoor temperatures and your overall home comfort. 
  • Better Indoor Air Quality – Insulation, especially when paired with air sealing, can reduce the amount of pollutants (like dust and pollen) entering your home, improving its IAQ
  • Improved Energy Efficiency – By keeping your warmed and cooled air in your home, insulation takes the stress off your HVAC system, which can extend its lifespan and even lower your monthly energy costs.
  • Noise Reduction – Insulation is a great way to enhance your home’s peace and quiet by acting as a barrier to noise. 
  • Moisture Control – Uninsulated homes allow for moisture to find its way inside. This can lead to mold growth and even structural damage. Insulation helps to keep moisture out and your home safe and dry. 

Insulating a Cold Room

The best way to insulate a cold room is to get started with an energy assessment. With this in-depth analysis, our experienced technicians will be able to determine exactly what’s causing inconsistent temperatures in your home. From there, we can make recommendations on what insulation upgrades will have the most reliable and long-lasting effect on your comfort. 

When it comes to cold room insulation, there are several types of insulation and methods of installation to consider. The team at ARC Insulation will take a few factors into consideration when making our insulation recommendations, like where the cold room is located and if there is any existing insulation present. For example, we see many cases with a cold room above a garage and will treat that issue differently than a cold room in a finished basement. 

Some common suggestions we make for cold rooms in the Naperville area include:

  • Insulation RemovalInsulation materials will degrade as they age, making them less effective. In these cases, it’s always best to remove the old insulation before replacing it.
  • Attic InsulationAttics are one of the most common places for energy loss in a home and will contribute to inconsistent temperatures on a second floor as well as ice dams in the winter. 
  • Basement InsulationIf your basement or crawl space is unfinished and uninsulated, it could lead to IAQ and home comfort issues. 
  • Air SealingGaps and cracks are common in homes, but they can lead to amounts of energy loss that is equivalent to leaving a window open all year long, according to ENERGY STAR.

ARC Insulation: Your Winter Home Comfort Specialists

Winters in Chicagoland are known for being frigid, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer inside of your home. Our insulation specialists have helped thousands keep their homes comfortable, healthy, and efficient—and we can help you too. Don’t let cold rooms bring you down with the colder months ahead, give our team a call and get started with your home energy assessment today!

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