How to Determine if You Need Insulation Replacement

Have you felt that your home’s insulation is not performing as it should? If you have noticed changes in the comfort of your home during extreme temperatures or if you have seen increased costs in your energy bill, you may want to consider insulation replacement.

How to Determine if You Need Insulation Replacement

Insulation plays a critical role in keeping your home’s temperature from reaching extreme levels. Along with comfort, some types of insulation can also provide your home with improved moisture control, fire resistance, pest control, and noise dampening.

How do you know if you need insulation replacement?

  • Your insulation has been damaged: If your insulation has mold or is wet, thin, shifting, or breaking, it likely needs to be replaced.
  • You have problems with leaks, condensation, and other moisture issues: If this is the case your insulation may not be providing you with adequate moisture control.
  • The temperature in your home varies greatly from room to room: There may be certain areas of your home that are not adequately insulated.
  • You can’t get your home to stay at a targeted temperature: You may be able to get your home to the temperature you want, but it fails to stay there for an extended period of time.

These are a just a few of many indicators that your home could benefit from insulation replacement. The best way to determine whether or not you need insulation replacement is to call us at ARC Insulation for a home energy audit. We can evaluate your insulation as well as other ways to improve the comfort level and energy efficiency of your home.