How Do You Get Rid of Mold in the Attic?

If you’ve been noticing musty smells in your home or dealt with recurring ice dams throughout the winter, there’s a chance you could have mold in your attic. While finding mold growth anywhere in your home should be a cause for concern, attic mold can lead to serious damage to your building materials, poor home health, and more.

ARC Insulation offers comprehensive mold remediation services that can not only effectively get rid of attic mold in your Chicagoland home, but can also prevent it from coming back.

Common Sources for Attic Mold

Mold thrives in damp environments and can wreak havoc on your indoor air quality and comfort, making the attic one of the most vulnerable areas of your home. Common causes of attic mold include:

  • Moisture Intrusion: Leaky roofs and improper ventilation can lead to moisture buildup in your attic, creating an ideal environment for mold growth.
  • Poor Insulation: Inadequate insulation can result in temperature differences within your attic, leading to condensation and moisture accumulation on surfaces.
  • Air Leakage: Gaps, cracks, and poorly sealed areas in your attic allow warm, humid air from the living spaces below to enter the attic, increasing moisture levels and promoting mold growth.

Attic Mold Removal Methods

At ARC Insulation, we have over 31 years of experience with attic mold remediation and have honed our process to ensure the most reliable results. This process includes:

  1. Attic inspection to determine the extent of mold growth and its root cause.
  2. Containment of the area and safe removal of any contaminated materials, like moldy attic insulation.
  3. Thorough cleaning to eliminate mold spores and prevent regrowth.
  4. Ensure ventilation is proper and implement long-term mold prevention strategies.

Attic Mold Prevention

In addition to our mold removal services, ARC Insulation can also help you address the underlying cause: moisture intrusion. Our insulation and weatherization services can prevent future mold growth and provide many whole-home benefits.

  • Attic Insulation Upgrades: Proper attic insulation is crucial for maintaining consistent temperatures and preventing moisture buildup. Insulating your attic can also help increase comfort in your entire home and lead to lower heating & cooling costs.
  • Air Sealing: Sealing gaps, cracks, and holes in your attic prevent air movement, moisture accumulation, and ice dams to reduce the risk of future mold growth.

Reliable & Effective Attic Mold Treatments

With decades of experience serving Chicagoland homeowners, ARC Insulation is your trusted partner for attic mold remediation. Our team of experts combines technical expertise with a commitment to customer satisfaction to ensure that your attic is mold-free and your home is healthy and comfortable. Don’t let attic mold compromise your home and health—reach out to ARC Insulation for professional attic mold removal services tailored to your needs.


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