How an Energy Audit Can Benefit You

Our team here at ARC Insulation knows that you want to make your home or business location the best it can be, and that includes making it as energy efficient as possible. Whether you’re motivated by a desire to help protect the environment or by a wish to lower your energy bill, one of the best things you can do to achieve this goal is to have an energy audit conducted on your property.

 starting the process with an energy audit to establish some hard data

An energy audit consists of an inspection survey of the building followed and an analysis of how much energy the various systems are using. During an energy audit, our team will typically look at the components of your building’s envelope, such as the walls, floors, ceiling, windows, and doors in order to determine their R-values, or resistance to heat flux. An audit also looks at your roof overhang, solar orientation, and local climate, as well as your thermostat settings and utility billing history, when possible, in order to estimate energy usage. Many people find that simply looking at the raw data of their energy usage helps them adjust their user behavior when it comes to their various power systems, but others find that the main benefit of an energy audit is revealing areas of passive energy waste, such as poor insulation or unsealed air leaks. Acting on the information in your audit to address these issues will make your property much more efficient, which will help you save money on your energy bills, and can even help extend the life of your appliances or net a higher price should you choose to sell it later.

We at ARC Insulation are committed to helping you make your property as energy efficient as possible. If you want to improve your efficiency too, we recommend starting the process with an energy audit to establish some hard data.