Four Times When You Need a Mold Inspection

You likely only think about having a mold inspection done when you can visibly see mold. However, there are a few other times when it is worth having a professional come out and inspect your home for mold. To help guide you, here are four times to consider getting a mold inspection:

  1. When You’re Buying a Home – Are you in the market for a new home? If so, it’s standard to have an inspection done to ensure that you aren’t about to make a huge investment into a home that will give you a lot of trouble. Consider hiring a professional who is familiar with mold to indicate if your prospective home has any mold damage.Four Times When You Need a Mold Inspection
  2. When You’re Selling Your Home – On the flip side of buying a home, you’ll also want to have your home inspected for mold before you put it on the market. It’s common to want to fix up your home before putting it on the market, especially if you want to make a profit. A mold diagnostic will be able to determine if you need mold remediation before you sell.
  3. When There Has Been a Recent Flood – One of the most obvious indicators that you need a mold inspection is if you have had a recent flood. Even if you think you haven’t suffered any moisture damage, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Always invest in a mold inspection to be sure that you don’t have any moisture or mold damage.
  4. When There is Evidence of Recent Water Leaks / Water Exposure – Along with flooding, if you’ve experienced any recent leaks or water exposure, have a mold inspection conducted just to be sure that a little leak doesn’t turn into a big mold problem later.

We hope these instances will inspire you to get a mold inspection. If you have any questions regarding mold inspections and the services we provide, contact us today at ARC Insulation for more information.