Everything You Need to Know About
Air Sealing

There are many issues that can arise in a home due to poor air sealing. Some of these issues include having one room be hot while another is cold, mold, allergies, and an overheated second floor during warmer months. Let’s first discuss what air sealing is and then we will discuss why air sealing is important for your home.

 we are very experienced in the air sealing process

  • What is air sealing – Air sealing is the process by which professionals go through your home and find all the places that air can leak in or out of your home. They inspect your home from the top of your attic to the bottom of your basement. In the attic, we look for air escaping from chimneys, lights, plumbing and fans. If we find a thermal bypass or air leak, we will usually insulate the area with spray foam. There can also be a lot of leakage in the basement or crawlspace. We inspect the sill plate/sill sealer, band/rim joint, ducts, and any holes in the floor.
  • Why you need air sealing – Imagine that you are in a boat with a hole. The boat is slowly filling up with water. You can sit in that boat and try to bail the water out, or you could fill the hole and fix the problem. The same is true with air sealing. In your home, you can turn up the heat or AC or you could fill the gaps of the perimeter of your home and solve the problem at the root with air sealing.

Here at ARC Insulation, we are very experienced in the air sealing process. We are professional, timely, and competitive with our prices. Give us a call or stop by our office in Romeville, Illinois.