Choosing Insulation Services When Your Air Conditioner Can’t Keep Up

Have you been pondering why your air conditioning system seems to work overtime, but you still can’t keep your home as cool as you would like? If you’ve called the air conditioning company out several times, or even replaced your unit, only to find yourself in the same predicament – unfortunately you might be trying to solve the wrong problem!

Insulation Services

Many homeowners don’t realize the connection between an efficient HVAC system and their home insulation. Only with the right insulation services to address in-home energy efficiency concerns can you ensure that your air conditioning system will operate its best. So, how do you know if you need insulation services instead of air conditioning services?

One really good indicator that you need insulation services is if you have temperature disparities from one room to another. For example, if your living room is relatively cool, but the bedroom next door is not, you could be lacking insulation that helps maintain a steady temperature in both spaces. Another indicator that insulation services are warranted is if your home is drafty. No matter how much your air conditioner runs, if there is no insulation to keep the cool air in, you’ll find yourself paying double to cool your home.

Finally, if you’ve already called your HVAC contractor and they have deemed your AC unit is working fine, make insulation services your next stop. Here at ARC Insulation, we can help you determine which areas of your home need insulation improvements and apply the best insulation materials for your specific requirements. Our goal is always to provide you with great insulation solutions.