Are DIY Mold Removal Products Good Enough for your Mold Problem?

Nobody likes finding signs of mold in their home. Not only is it unattractive, but mold is also problematic to both the structure of your home and the surfaces it’s found on, as well as the quality of the air in your home. Walking through the cleaning aisle of your local grocery or hardware store, you’ll likely find many options in chemicals for DIY mold removal. Is this the best option or do you need a professional?

1.  You need the right products and equipment: The truth is that, in most cases, the chemicals you buy at the store might not be sufficient. Products such as bleach will not be effective in removing mold. A professional team will have the best products and equipment to effectively remove the mold.

Are DIY Mold Removal Products Good Enough for your Mold Problem?

2.  You need to clean the air to remove mold spores: As mold reproduces and grows, it releases mold spores into the air. This is why mold is problematic for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues. An experienced team will have the right training and equipment for eliminating mold spores from the air, ensuring increased air quality in your home.

3.  You need to determine why the mold exists: If there’s mold, there’s moisture. If you have mold, you need to learn where the moisture is coming from and make sure that problem is resolved so that mold will not return.

4.  Mold can be harmful and should be handled with care: Our team has been trained in how to both effectively and safely remove mold.

While it may seem appealing to save money by opting for a DIY mold removal, your mold removal process will be much more effective and lasting when you seek professional mold removal from experts such as our team at ARC Insulation.