5 Signs You Need Insulation Replacement in Your Home

It can be hard to tell if you need your insulation replaced. If your insulation is not living up to its purpose, it could be damaged or infested, causing it to not work properly. Here are five signs that you are in need of insulation replacement in your home:

1.   Wet Insulation – If your insulation becomes wet (even a little damp), it must be replaced as soon as possible. Wet insulation can be a result of any sort of water event such as flooding, a burst pipe, or leaks. If your insulation becomes wet, it has the potential to grow mildew and mold, causing the insulation to be ineffective.


2.   Animal Infestation – If you happen to find dead or alive rodents or an animal of any kind in your attic or crawlspace, it may be time for an insulation replacement. Animals can cause damage and may have created air pockets in your insulation, which defeats its purpose to insulate the space.

3.   Temperature Change – If you find that the temperature in your home is inconsistent and you can’t seem to find what the issue is, it may be caused by your insulation. This may have been caused by your insulation shifting, and could possibly be resolved by adjusting your insulation, but in some circumstances, you will want to have insulation replacement.

4.   Expensive Energy Bill – A poorly insulated attic and crawlspace can result in outdoor temperatures to sneak into your home, which can highly affect your energy bill. Getting your insulation replaced can save you money overall in your energy bill.

5.   Drafts – If you’re noticing any random indoor drafts in your home, you probably have damaged insulation and are in need of insulation replacement. When there isn’t a barrier in between the outside and inside air, it allows outside air to penetrate within the house.

We hope these five signs help guide you in your decision of getting insulation replacement. If you have any questions regarding insulation replacement and the services we provide, please contact us at ARC Insulation.