4 Signs You Need to Update Your Home

Let’s face it, insulation is out of sight and usually out of mind. Replacing the insulation is less fun than repainting the walls or installing kitchen countertops. Still, it makes a massive difference in your comfort and energy bills. Since insulation is hidden, it’s sometimes hard to tell if it needs replacing. However, there are situations where it is obvious. Here are four signs you need to update your home’s insulation.

4 Signs You Need to Update Your Home's Insulation

  • Inconsistent Home Temperatures. If you feel sweltering in one room of your home, then move to the other area and feel cold, your home’s insulation could be the problem. A well-insulated home helps maintain consistent temperatures throughout the rooms.
  • Higher Energy Bills. It takes a lot of power to control the temperature in a home. The issue becomes even more critical when your home needs to be well-insulated. When the insulation is insufficient, your heating and cooling system must constantly work to keep your living space comfortable. Do you feel like your air conditioner or furnace runs continuously? If so, there could be something wrong with your insulation.
  • There are Pests. Insulation not only keeps your house climate controlled, but it also helps keep pests such as rodents out. Any gaps in your insulation provide lovely little spaces for mice to call home. They want a warm, dry place to shelter, and compressed or missing insulation opens up areas in your walls for critters to live.
  • Do you notice indoor drafts? These are caused by the wind outside and fluctuating temperatures inside your home. Some homeowners, especially first-time ones, are baffled that there are drafts when all the windows and doors are closed.

If you struggle with drafts in your home, insulation is to blame. Call us today to have one of our technicians come out and assess your insulation.