3 Energy Savings Myths to Watch Out For

Many of us would like to be able to save a little (or a lot) of money here and there, especially on our utilities. While we might start our search by going to the internet looking for energy savings, what we really can end up with is a lot of myths and contradictory evidence. When looking for real energy savings, it can help to contact someone at ARC Insulation to learn about home energy audits and other solutions, but until then, here are a few energy savings myths for you to watch out for.

When looking for real energy savings

  1. Start with the small stuff. Every little bit helps, right? Well, in the case of energy savings, not always. While you might want to start by sealing off every single entry point of potential energy loss, rather than focusing your energy on sealing spaces around your doors and other open points with caulking, you will probably be better served focusing on a larger area of energy loss, like a poorly insulated attic. These areas are where significant changes can be seen.
  2. Use alternate methods of heating/cooling. Running your air conditioner in the middle of summer and the furnace in the dead of winter can cause people looking for ways to beat the cost. However, using things like space heaters or a fan with a wet towel won’t provide the comfort needed. Instead, try a programmable thermostat that allows you to be comfortable only when you are home to enjoy it.
  3. Install solar panels/wind turbines/bunkers. These ideas might work when there aren’t alternate energy producing methods, but if you live in a suburb, many of these options won’t produce the savings you want to offset their installation costs.